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FusionPro VDP Solutions

With Ricoh’s personalisation technologies, print service providers, agencies and marketing teams can expand the services offered to clients providing highly personalised and relevant communications to increase response rates and drive sales

FusionPro VDP solutions provide a powerful yet easy to use suite of tools for the design and production of personalised communications. They enable you to combine customer data with pre-defined templates to produce dynamic marketing pieces that offer highly personalised 1-to-1 communications for improved campaign effectiveness and ROI.

The FusionPro tools can also be combined with Ricoh’s marketing asset management solution MarcomCentral allowing existing and newly created FusionPro templates to be hosted as catalogue items allowing online personalisation by nominated stakeholders within defined brand guidelines.

MarcomCentral allows static and personalised templates to be deployed via a corporate marketing portal to allow the creation of personalised on brand collateral. Ricoh can provide local professional services including business development consultation, to help customers make the transition into producing personalised communications and offering value added marketing services."

Funksjoner og fordeler

FusionPro is available in a range of offerings from desktop VDP composition through to a powerful API that can be incorporated into an existing web infrastructure to enable variable composition:

FusionPro VDP Creator is a leading variable data publishing (VDP) solution that brings template design; data file definition, business logic and print stream creation together into one cross-platform programme to produce personalised printed materials from within existing creative applications.

  • Powerful Desktop VDP application for Adobe™ Acrobat Professional™
  • Windows and Mac Versions available
  • Advanced copy fitting, content overflow and automatic page insertio

FusionPro VDP Producer is a server-based application that accepts, simultaneous variable data publishing job submissions into a centralised job queue, where they can be viewed and controlled from any FusionPro workstation.

  • Locally installed, server based solution offering offline  processing & a centralised job queue
  • Ideal for sizeable and complex VDP processing requirements
  • Supplied with x5 FusionPro Designers for desktop designand submissio

FusionPro Server API helps create and manage large-scale personalised marketing collateral programmes using the core FusionPro variable data publishing (VDP) composition engine.

  • A high speed, no touch, server based, variable data composition engine for automated VDP processing
  • Enables VDP composition within an established Web to Print solution
  • Processes multiple jobs at once with auto load balancing and auto fail over

FusionPro Expression Creator & Producer enables image personalisation functionality that, when combined with FusionPro Creator / Producer, can provide high levels of productivity and automation.

  • Design and compose compelling image personalisation designs directly from your desktop
  • Output to .jpg .tif .png .eps formats

FusionPro Links is a SaaS based PURL (Personalised URL) production tool and campaign tracking system that makes integrated direct marketing campaigns easy to implement, manage and track.

  • Create personalised URLs for each recipient in a personalised campaign
  • Supports 1 Million active PURL’s at any one time
  • Link to personalised microsites (created separately) for each unique customer

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