Policy for informasjonskapsler

Ricoh bruker datainnsamlingsverktøy som f.eks. informasjonskapsler for å forbedre opplevelsen din når du bruker nettstedet. Du kan lære hvordan man endrer disse innstillingene og henter mer informasjon om informasjonskapsler her.

OL Connect

OL Connect provides solutions that automate business communications and paper based business processes whilst protecting existing IT investments and infrastructure.

OL Connect provides a powerful lights out automated workflow toolkit that can be configured to provide a complete automated business communication solution for corporate customers, Print rooms and Print Service Providers.

OL Connect uses core workflow modules to meet demanding processing requirements via either Planet Press Connect or PReS Connect workflow modules respectively.

Optional user facing modules such as Capture OnTheGo or Connect Send allow user interaction via form (mobile / tablet) and desktop document submission to trigger back end workflow processes and automatically produce invoices, customer communications or unstructured mailings accordingly.

OL Connect provides the ability to re-engineer, transform and route documents based on comprehensive rules. These capabilities makes OL Connect an ideal solution for organisations struggling to update or optimise existing workflows and link legacy or disparate systems to produce structured and graphically rich print or multichannel output.

For customers that handle low to medium based volumes and do not require a heavy weight back-end workflow then PrintShop Mail Connect can be utilised as a standalone desktop based variable data composition tool designed for the production of targeted print and email.

OL Connect also powers Ricoh’s Hybrid Mail solution.

Funksjoner og fordeler


  • Complete automated business communication solution
  • Modular and scalable to meet demanding productivity requirements.
  • Single design tool for print or HTML output templates
  • DataMapper tool lets you extract and map data from databases, text files (XML, CSV, TXT), print streams and PDF files to produce personalised communications
  • Transform from virtually any input format to a wide range of output formats including PDF, HTML and AFP (requires specific products / options)
  • Re-engineer legacy data / documents
  • Automate processes, based on triggers such as a customer click in an email, text messages, and QR code scan
  • Vendor and device agnostic for easy integration.
  • Open connectivity and file format support allows easy integration
  • Update existing systems, workflows with minimum disruption & investment
  • Produce graphically rich customer communications dynamically formatted for print or online viewing on desktop / tablets / mobile
  • Drive response rates and improve customer satisfaction

Relaterte programmer og apper

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    Frittstående komposisjonsverktøy for variabel datautskrift som optimaliserer produksjonsprosessen ved å minimere oppsettstiden og maksimalisere utskriftshastigheten.

  • DocPath Suite

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