Policy for informasjonskapsler

Ricoh bruker datainnsamlingsverktøy som f.eks. informasjonskapsler for å forbedre opplevelsen din når du bruker nettstedet. Du kan lære hvordan man endrer disse innstillingene og henter mer informasjon om informasjonskapsler her.

Ledende forsikringskonsern

A global leader in risk management, insurance and reinsurance has clients in over 120 countries. Every month, this busy office processes over 2,000 documents - and many of these are over 100 pages in length. They include contracts, brochures, policies and quotations as well as terms and conditions. The huge volume of paper, non-editable PDFs and different files types they receive compounded the scale of the workload.

With Scan&Manage, Ricoh provided the company with the means to simply and quickly scan paper documents. They can now convert these, and other non-editable electronic fi les such as PDFs, into formats where they can transfer and update information as well as share them as combined documents.

"There was a big ‘Bravo’ from the departments in which we installed Scan&Manage”, said the office’s IT Manager. “They don’t have to retype anything now. The remaining departments are jealous so I shall have to expand usage. I can certainly recommend the speed and efficiency Scan&Manage has given us – and that’s not a compliment, it’s a truth."

  • Forretningsutfordringer: Digitale arbeidsflyter, Eierstyring og regelsamsvar
  • Industriløsninger: Finansielle tjenester
  • Bedriftsstørrelse: Store bedrifter
  • Tjenestetype: Managed Document Services, Business Process Services, xxx_Application Services

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