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Ricoh strengthens its 360-degree image data services business

“RICOH360 Tours” virtual tour platform is launched worldwide to support the creativity of people at work and new ways of working 

TOKYO, July 1, 2020 – Ricoh today announced the launch of “RICOH360 Tours” worldwide, which allows visitors to show off homes and schools remotely using virtual reality tours. Ricoh is expanding its 360-degree image data services business outside of Japan and the United States, where it has been offering these services for the past several years. The solution is available directly via www.ricohtours.com. Ricoh aims to achieve 300,000 users*1 globally by the end of March 2023.

RICOH360 Tours is a cloud based software service that allows anyone who has a RICOH THETA 360-degree camera and RICOH360 Tours mobile app to create a virtual tour easily without any special skills or expensive equipment in a matter of minutes. It allows facilities management and real estate agents provide high quality property viewings virtually, thereby enhancing their business activity. There is a growing need to introduce real estate and other spaces online and through the use of RICOH360 Tours, we will contribute to the resolution of social issues and the realization of new ways of working.

Ricoh strengthens its 360-degree image data services business

In 2013, Ricoh released the RICOH THETA, the world's first 360-degree camera designed for the consumer market. At the forefront of this technology, Ricoh developed and provided plug-ins that expanded the functionality of the variety of models and applications. In terms of services, the virtual tour solution called THETA 360.biz is already available in Japan and is used across a variety of industries, including car sales, hotels, and educational facilities. Especially in the real estate industry, Ricoh has supported sales activities via portal site operators and real estate businesses, and has contributed to reducing the tedious task of making and posting property particulars, whilst working seamlessly with property management systems. Most recently, Ricoh's unique AI-based image enhancement technology has been implemented in its services. This 360-degree image processing technology has been further enhanced and is being well received by its customers.

Ricoh will continue to evolve and develop its 360-degree portfolio and provide additional digital services that can support the creativity of people at work, and provide services that change the workplace.

*1 Includes the number of users for THETA 360.biz in Japan. 

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Ricoh legger til rette for digitale arbeidsplasser ved hjelp av innovative teknologier og tjenester som lar ansatte jobbe smartere. I mer enn 80 år har Ricoh vært pådriver for innovasjon, og er i dag en ledende leverandør av løsninger innen dokumenthåndtering, møteromsløsninger, IT-tjenester, kommersielt og industrielt trykk, digitale kameraer og industrielle systemer.

Hovedkvarteret ligger i Tokyo, og Ricoh Group driver forretninger i rundt 200 land og regioner. I finansåret som ble avsluttet i mars 2019 hadde Ricoh Group et globalt salg på 2 013 milliarder yen som tilsvarer rundt 18,1 milliarder USD)

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