Policy for informasjonskapsler

Ricoh bruker datainnsamlingsverktøy som f.eks. informasjonskapsler for å forbedre opplevelsen din når du bruker nettstedet. Du kan lære hvordan man endrer disse innstillingene og henter mer informasjon om informasjonskapsler her.

PTI MarcomCentral

MarcomCentral is part of the TotalFlow software portfolio. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering comes under Ricoh’s Intelligent Marketing Solutions and is powered by our close strategic alliance with PTI technologies. It provides Print Service Providers and Corporate accounts with a complete online Marketing Asset Management Solution featuring web to print, e commerce and VDP capabilities for delivering cross media campaigns.

Funksjoner og fordeler

MarcomCentral® is a complete Marketing Asset Management solution built on open-architected SaaS technology, suitable for corporate brands, CRD’s or commercial printers. It automates a variety of marketing, creative, and fulfillment processes using centralized and integrated online marketing portal(s). Users have unparalleled access to a wide-range of corporate marketing assets such as print, digital, and promotional materials with sophisticated customization and personalization capabilities managed by comprehensive user access permissions. MarcomCentral® features highly intelligent user controls, flexible integration capabilities, and on demand 1-to-1 marketing campaigns that greatly reduce costs and maximize marketing effectiveness.

  • Comprehensive Cross Media capabilities including print, personalised e mail and personal URLs (PURLs).
  • SaaS solution requires no servers, no software to download and no internal IT resources
  • Supports single or multiple storefronts with highly customizable site appearance.
  • Comprehensive role/user permission controls support.
  • Order process fully customizable per user and client.
  • Varied approval workflows offer flexibility and signoff.
  • User budget controls.
  • Multiple order statuses allow detailed viewing from order to delivery
  • HTTPS protocol and 128-bit SSL encryption; CyberSource for credit cards; all servers and databases are behind a firewall;
  • Job ticketing creates unique identifiers for each order
  • Pre-built and custom reports provide detailed information on all system activities
  • International language support for both user and admin areas.
  • Integrates with CRM/ERP, MIS, Accounting, Login, Workflow, Shipping programs
  • Web Services available including: Check Order Status, Create Packing Slip, Create Invoice, Delete Line Item, Get Inventory, Update Inventory, Messaging
  • Multiple Data Feeds available including: FTP/SMTP/ HTTP: Sales Work Order, Job Ticket, Invoice, & Uberfeed

These features provide the folowing benefits:

  • Provides for consistency of product, quality and price
  • Intuitive, branded, easy-to-use online tool for ordering modified and repeated printed materials, including versioned and variable data programs
  • Guarantees enforcement of corporate identity and design standards
  • Reduces the overall turnaround and fulfillment times
  • Eliminates rework and associated costs and waste
  • Provides purchasing control via approval levels
  • Program available for orders 24-hours a day, 7-days a week
  • Access to critical report information
  • Accurate budget planning by cost center
  • Completely transparent to the end-user with single-sign and/or linking to a corporate intranet
  • Perfect fit for Print on Demand and (re)Print on demand corporate requirements to reduce spoilage of inventoried items
  • Improves communication internally and externally and maintains customer and channel relationships

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